Auburn Choir Parent Association

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Don't forget to mark your calanders!!!!!

Our Applebee's breakfast date has changed!!! It is now Saturday, February 9th, 2013!!!!




The next ACPA meeting is on February 7th at 7 p.m.

Welcome to the ACPA website!

If you missed our meeting on the 10th, Don't worry! here are the minutes!

January Secretary Report: Linda Karout


Initial greeting by Penni Warren


Treasurer’s Report given by Melissa Klamke; there is about $25,000.00 in the general fund

Norma Kozma moves to approve the Treasurer’s report.


-Australian Students arrive tonight at approx. 10:00pm

-Applebee’s Flapjack Breakfast: Jan. 19; (we need a minimum of 50 people; we have 100 tickets) major conflicts; scheduling is not good for next week, but it will be passed out nonetheless tomorrow and throughout next week. Tickets must be returned if not sold. Spreadsheet

-Breakfast: no seconds; 2 pancakes, coffee, juice, etc.

-Dessert auction in March

-Cookie Dough?

-Car Wash!!! Who wants to run them?

-Valentine’s Day Grams? Heart shaped cookies; February 13th or 14th

-Start selling 2-3 days before

-Sweet Heart Ice-cream Sundays: Headed by Linda Karout (make posters eventually…)

-Root beer Floats $$$

-Snow Cones?

-Talk to Bob Jones


Fundraiser Results:

-Veterans Parade: not as much money was raised as last year because it was late in the season so two bands did not come to participate.

-Santa Pictures: Everyone has received their designate pictures; 29 pictures were sold=$290.00-expenses would be around $230.00-$240.00

New Business:

-Choir Needs

-$1,500 requested; whatever we can get for $1,500.00 and as things are bought, receipt is returned.

-None opposed; ayes all around!

-Music: we have $350.00 and request $500 for ensembles, Jazz, Show

-At least two new area mics

-Pitch Pipe

-Monitor Cords  (recommended by Linda Karout)

-Show Choir tryouts:

-approx 25-30 people came to the workshop

-sheet sent with them requesting parent signature and grade check saying Disney is to be paid by April…

No Scholarships, but

-Approved to Purchase the Garment Bags: need to be ordered


-There is a ACPA website now and an Auburn High School Facebook Page

    -Can upload Pictures, Music, and other things on it

    -We need an assigned Video Camera person; someone to record each concert… and be good at it…


    This is Kandy Gilbert, Our Director, Teacher, and Friend. Without her, our Choirs would not be as amazing as they are! We thank, And Love you Mrs. Gilbert!